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Mint Drop Introduction

Mint 1 vETH i.e 1 ETH, If you mint before the end of the round countdown or before mint goal reaching, you will be recorded as a successful participant of this round and share BNC as reward. Holding vETH can absorb ETH 2.0 staking reward, and vETH can be traded on DEX such as Uniswap and Loopring. vETH‘s 1:1 redemption will be available when ETH 2.0 launchs redemption.

Open date:
14:00(UTC+8) 8th February, 2021
BNC will be distributed to the Bifrost Asgard network within 3 working days after all rounds finishing.
Claim Procedures:
Connect Metamask to check your reward.
Click「Bind」and bond your Bifrost address
BNC will be issued uniformly after all rounds
BNC is not available for transaction until Bifrost main-net online.

vETH Roadmap

The functions of vETH in different phases.

Phase 0
Participate in minting vETH to immediately enjoy BNC rewards, and redemption will be closed by the end of this event.
Divide BNC rewards based on vETH minting and holding time
Phase 1
Ethereum 2.0 Staking (Current Phase)
Start vETH transaction and keep minting, close redemption.
Start vETH multisig Deposit, generate staking rewards and claim funciton.
Phase 2
Bifrost Mainnet Launch (2021 Q1)
Bifrost connects to Polkadot Parachain, Ethereum has cross-chain bridge connect to Polkadot, and supports ETH token attribute conversion.
Support vETH to deploy DeFi services on Bifrost mainnet.
Support vETH cross-chain transfer, transaction, lending and other DeFi protocol.
Generate staking rewards through the vETH mint price up.
Phase 3
Ethereum 2.0 shard complete
Ethereum 2.0 Phase 2 activates, vETH restarts redemption.