White Paper
Asgard CC1
A parachain designed for staking's liquidity
White Paper
White Paper
What is Bifrost vToken?
Staking Liquidity
You can get Staking income by holding vToken, vToken is freely traded, used, and can be sold back to the original chain assets at any time without waiting for the unstaking time.
Staking Easily
Get vToken through DEX, Dapp, and wallet, and hold vToken to participate in the original chain staking while retaining governance on the chain.
Original Chain Governance
The transfer bridge asset performs the staking of the original chain node through the weight of the votes obtained by the stake proxy node, and the user can participate in the original chain management through the BNC voting.
Developer ++
Empowering developers, based on Bifrost's wallet, mining pool, Dapp, DeFi and other ecosystems will get staking gain from the chain layer. eg. when vToken is borrowed as collateral, its staking income can offset part of the interest and realize low-interest loans.
Bifrost System Architecture
(White Paper Page 5)
Bifrost wants to provide staking liquidity for 80% of PoS chains, and users can convert PoS currencies into vTokens via Bifrost transfer bridges at any time to get staking revenue and liquidity.
Cross-chain user
Voting user
Stake Proxy
vToken DEX
Cross-chain channel
Development community
Bifrost Orlog

Testnet POC-1 & POC-2

Transfer bridge light node

Underlying runtime module


Blochchain explorer

Node monitoring station

Bifrost Asgard

Testnet POC-3 & POC-4

Single-chain interoperable transfer bridge

BNC Economic System

Launch vToken DEX

Launch Mainnet

Bifrost Midgard

Multi-chain interoperable transfer bridge

Developing ecological incentives

vToken open platform

Developer Tools & SDK

Access Polkadot Relay Network

Bifrost Heimdallr

Carry multiple DeFi and derivatives

Provide liquidity for more assets

Build Bifrost DAO

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